Fitness Instructor Courses Basics

Fitness Instructor photoThe health and fitness industry is worth millions of dollars every year. There are a large number of different careers that you might want to consider. Losing weight and staying thin is a full time job, many people have signed up for the various fitness regimes, including exercises and diets. One such career is a fitness instructor.

What are Fitness Instructors

Before you decide whether or not you want to study with fitness instructor courses you should find out exactly what an instructor does.

Fitness instructors are professionals which work in gyms and health centers. Their role is to instruct people who want to lose weight and get fit. They will teach new techniques and provide motivation so that they can lose weight as quickly as possible. Fitness instructor courses can help to teach you this knowledge so you can help people with their aims to lose weight.

A few years ago, fitness instructors were only ever used by body builders who wanted an edge. These days though, lots of different people use health specialists, or personal trainers to help with their exercise regimes. Some instructors will also teach different type of exercise classes, including aerobics and weight lifting.


Studying basic fitness instructor courses will be enough to give you some simple knowledge to help with exercise. However, if you want to turn it into a career then you should find out about further study. Many employers are requiring a degree in sports science or exercise. You will also need to choose a course which is certified by a recognized body.

Steps to Become a Professional Instructor

If you want to become a professional health coach, then you can start by finding the right course. Make sure any course you are considering has some form of recognized certificate once you have completed the course. A certificate allows you to prove your qualifications when you are looking for a job.

When looking for fitness training courses, you can choose to study online, or in a college. There are reasons to choose both options.

Studying in College

Studying fitness instructor courses in a college is suitable for some people. If you learn well in a formal setting, then college will be best for you. By studying in college you can also get one on one support and guidance. This will help some people study and retain much more of the information.

Studying Online

Choosing to study for fitness instructor courses online will be the option most people choose. Learning online is easy, cheaper and completely flexible. You can study on the Internet whenever you have a spare few minutes. It’s also possible to use these online courses from any corner of the globe.