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How You Can Handle a Child’s Tough Questions
There are many parents whom when asked will say that their children are growing up fast before them. Before they were just babies that they carried in their arms and just like that they have grown into a young child who is already capable of asking questions. Soon they will grow up some more, move out of the house to raise their own families. When the time of leaving of your child comes you will have a sense of fulfillment when you feel that you have done your best for your child.
As they grow up children will exercise their intelligence by asking some tough questions to their parents. A parent should not evade answering such questions but answer them in an age appropriate way. Below you would find some of these tough topics that young children will have a question for and tips on how you can answer them about it.
Death and Loss. Though death is part and parcel of our lives we do not come into this world with knowledge of it. This is why young people such as kids may have a hard time grappling with the concept of death and loss. When someone in their inner circle such as a beloved grandpa dies then they might start posing questions that are related to death and loss. They can also ask questions about it when they see that you are making plans for you funeral in the future. If you want to be prepared about your funeral you need to browse these options. It is highly important for you to browse these options that you may be able to pick the best funeral plan or arrangement for you. When you set aside time to browse these options then you can pick the best. You can have your spouse browse these options with you too so that you can have his or her input regarding the funeral arrangements. Remember how crucial it is to browse these options when making funeral arrangements for your future death.
You can tell the children that death is something that is forever. You can also state to them that the sadness they feel will not be permanent.
Mythical Beings. It is perfectly natural for children to imagine things and tell stories about them. But when it comes to stories related to the tooth fairy, Santa and Easter bunny, parents have control if they will tell their kids about this.
If your kids ask about them you can simply explain to them that the good nature of these beings is already in each of us and that we can manifest such qualities to other people.
Divorce and Separation. You need to tell the children that it is not their fault.