Many Kindness of Running

Kindness RunningWhy do people run so much? It is so exhausting, tiring, time consuming and tedious.

I am sure they have an answer to this. They do it because it has so many advantages and they are aware of them.

The following are the advantages of running and jogging daily:

Let us divide the health benefits of running into two parts.

1. The physical benefits
2. The mental benefits

First let us discuss the physical health benefits of running.

They are:

1. Running is very good for the body fitness. It helps in burning the extra flab from the body and thus gives a good shape. Who does not want a well shaped and toned up body? The way to achieve this is through running daily.

2. Running helps the heart stay healthy. The heart rate is maintained and the heart’s functioning is also proper. While running, there is an increase in the heart rate. This increase ensures that there is proper blood circulation in the entire body. This in turn leads to better absorption of oxygen. In short, the heart is healthy and so is the body.

3. Quite obviously, by running the cholesterol levels are maintained. For a person with high cholesterol level, there is a decrease in the levels. High cholesterol is very risky and becomes a cause for a number of diseases. Diseases associated to high cholesterol levels include, heart attacks, diabetes, thyroid, etc.

4. Running daily increases a person’s stamina and keeps him or her fit for the daily activities.

5. Running also helps in increasing the hormone secretion. This helps in the growth process.

The next kinds of benefits are the mental health kindnes of running. They are in the form of psychological benefits of running.

They are:

1. Depression, anxiety and stress have become a common problem for everyone from time to time. Almost everyone has gone through or is still in the phase of such low feeling. Exercising in the form of running 5 to 6 miles daily will help lower down these levels. People have experienced that running has helped them lower the level of depression and stress.

2. Running also provides a glow to the skin. When a person runs a certain distance and starts sweating, then the harmful toxins come out of the body along with the sweat. This makes the skin healthy.

3. There is a term known as the ‘runner’s high’. We generally get a high after consuming alcoholic beverages or after smoking. It is believed that running gives a similar high and a feeling of euphoria to the mind.

4. Running helps you keep your mind away from the day to day problems, be it related to work or to the family. When you are running your mind is concentrated on running and all the distractions do not bother you.

5. Running gives you time with yourself. You get a space to meditate and to be alone with yourself. This is very essential for the mental grooming of a person.

The above 5 physical and 5 mental health benefits of running are among the most desired things for anyone. So make sure you run every day.